Q&A No.724 - Measuring Completion Performance in Unconventional Reservoirs

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We are completing wells in a number of unconventional reservoirs with horizontal sections between 6,000 – 10,000ft. Most of these wells are frac’ed somewhere between 15-30 times (each) utilizing standard plug and perf technology.

We are struggling with finding a meaningful way to measure or quantify completion quality of these wells.

Whereas for conventional wells completion quality can be determined utilizing predicted vs. actual skin and/or production; for unconventional wells measuring skin or accurately forecasting production is not straight forward.

We would welcome feedback from other COIN members that complete unconventional reservoirs and have identified ways to measure or quantify completion quality.

Torsten Kritzler

D&C Performance Advisor, Chevron
asked Jan 10, 2018 in COIN by Fiona Curley (1,480 points)

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