Coiled Tubing Deployed ESPs

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Electrical Submersible Pumps are the chosen artificial lift on one of our mature offhsore assets.  All the current ESP installations have deployed the pumps on tubing via the drilling rig.  Recent run-life performance of ESPs on the asset has been good.

We have identifed a well to be converted from natural flow to ESP lift; circa 15,000blpd (90% WC, BHP 4,000psi and BHT 220degF).  To reduce future workover costs and time to repair we are considering a coiled tubing deployed ESP system. Technical solutions have been proposed and are being assessed.  Poor reliability is a concern.

We would welcome any feedback on this technology from other COIN members that have assessed the use of or installed coiled tubing deployed ESPs.

Many thanks in advance.
asked Aug 25, 2017 in COIN by Ian McKimmie (180 points)

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Response from Sam Faulkner of Chevron:


The field that comes to mind for me as a good analog is called Cliff Head, operated by Roc Oil in Western Australia (~350km North of Perth)

A small unmanned offshore platform is host to 8 wells; 2 water injectors and 6 producers which have ESPs deployed on CT. The umbilicals are run through the CT, with production up the annulus

I don’t have any reliability data but it’s a place to start


answered Aug 29, 2017 by Fiona Curley (1,480 points)
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Response from Luud Dorrestijn:

Recommend Ian to get in touch with Mark Ogier at Chevron, who is one of our members; he has a lot of experience with CT deployed ESP's.


Luud Dorrestijn
answered Aug 29, 2017 by Fiona Curley (1,480 points)
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I am the Well Engineer for Cliffhead platform WA.  it is 100% production on CT-ESP.

Runlives on the Cliffhead platform are world class for an ESP installation – far less Coil deployed.

We are sitting at :
Running average –           2360 days (four wells over 2000 days with one over 3600)

Pulled average -                1210 days (with two pre-emptive workovers)

15,000bbl is achievable with CTESP, ithe temperature is within limits, but and the pressure is quite high.  What is the depth of the well?


answered Sep 13, 2017 by Dougal McVicar (140 points)