Q&A No.719 - Cement evaluation quality when using RESMAN tracer liner carriers.

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We are considering the use of RESMAN tracers installed as carriers around the liner but are concerned that the additional material width which consists of a metallic carrier encapsulating an annular section consisting of a polymer tracer and associated liquid (base oil for oiltracer and completion brine for water tracer) may compromise the cement evaluation tool such that the measurement is void. This is especially important because we have adopted a passive sand control approach on the basis of sanding propensity and cement quality - in which poor/no cement coupled with high sanding risk would result in not perforating the section.

Does anyone have experience with cement evaluation tools across tracer liner carrier systems (preferably RESMAN in 7" size)? I am aware that Statoil in the Norwegian sector and EnQuest in the UKCS have both run these type of RESMAN liner carrier systems? Can anyone comment on whether a cement evaluation tool was run and if so how successful it was?
asked Jan 31, 2017 in COIN by Paul Cadogan (180 points)

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Hi Paul, EnQuest installed RESMAN tracer systems in a subsea well in 2015.  We did not carry out any cement evaluation logging across the 7" liner and the cement job went as planned.

answered Jan 31, 2017 by Ian McKimmie (180 points)
Many thanks for your prompt response to Paul.
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Response from Abe Vereide of BP:  

I do not have any direct experience with RESMAN but depending on the configuration of the metallic carrier it certainly would affect a bond log.  Their website shows pictures of carrier systems.  A coarse wrap like that seen in Fig 8 would have the least influence…however Fig 10 is effectively the same as a thin annulus liner lap and would create significant interference on a cement bond tool, meaning invalid data over the shrouded interval. 



answered Feb 2, 2017 by Fiona Curley (1,480 points)
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Response from RESMAN:

We have installed now well over 30+ Cemented Liner Systems in various countries and as far as I am aware we have had only feed back from the customer that used our systems in a DST application in Senegal last year. During a visit to their head office they highlighted themselves that during the second installation a CBL was performed and the results showed no problem with the cement bond around the areas of the tracer carriers, 4 off were installed in total.

Tracer carriers were 9-5/8 Inch but I have no information on the well hole etc. due to it being a tight hole development.

Scott Glendinning

Business Development Manager UKA

answered Feb 2, 2017 by Fiona Curley (1,480 points)