Q&A No.716 - Sized Sodium Chloride (NaCl) Fluid Loss Control Pill - application

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We are planning for horizontal stand alone screen water injection wells, where a Calcium Carbonate filter cake breaker will be used to enable injection services . The breaker is designed to be slow release to allow placement of fluids across horizontal section.
As a contingency measures, Several type of Fluid Loss Control Pills are being tested.
One of the FLC pills is Sized Salt (NaCl) screen bridging pill, which can be removed by the introduction of under saturated brine solution or during injection service.
My question is:
Given that the Calcium Carbonate Drilling Fluid is understaturated and the Sized Slat Pill has to be in a saturated brine solution, could a Sized Slat Screen bridging pill be used with a Calcium Carbonate Drilling Fluid system?
Any experience/advice most appreciated.
Abdullah Eshtewi 
Completion Engineer 
Woodside Energy Ltd.
asked Aug 8, 2016 in COIN by Abdullah Eshtewi (240 points)

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Chevron in the UK use a large size calcium carbonate for bridging inside the screens in this type of application. IE when losses occur once the lower completion is in place. This can be treated with acid to remove it once the whole completion has been buttoned up.
If the losses occur before or during  running screens. Our first tool is using solids free (viscosified brine) to slow the losses down. If this does not resolve the problem we would pull the screens and pump conditioned drilling mud then switch back to brine of solids free before trying to run the screens again.
Fraser Martin
NOJV Drilling & Completions Engineer
answered Aug 8, 2016 by Fraser Martin (280 points)