Discussion Topic: Planning, executing and improving well testing operations - Drilling Contractors Perspective

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Members of the Welltesting Network have a keen interest in the role that Rig Contractors and Drilling community play in well testing operations and voiced a desire to address the topic at one of our meetings.

To that end we have invited two members of the Drilling Community to our upcoming MTM No.17 in Aberdeen on Sept 10th and 11th to participate in an open discussion on how the welltesters and drillers/rig operators could work together best to improve the planning and execution of welltesting operations.  

Whilst the meeting is now full, we invite all our registered members and non-members to submit comments, observations, suggestions or questions below that would add value to that discussion.
asked Sep 3, 2015 in WTN by Fiona Curley (1,480 points)

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